Golden Range - Lions Tea

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Golden Range - Lions Tea

Premium Special

The specialty of this is that it contains fine wiry whole leaves which are black teas with abundant golden tips (as shown in the above picture, the top most end of the bud will become the golden tip after undergoing a special manufacturing process) Lions Tea has pioneered in manufacturing this tea, & has already won several competitions in Sri Lanka, Dubai & China, a unique unmatchable product of Lions Tea.

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Unlike silver tips and golden tips since this variety undergoes fermentation (oxidation) in the manufacturing process, this gives a liquor with light in cup with mellow body and brightness.
Considering health benefits, apart from the general health benefits of Ceylon black teas, the golden tips contain a lot of antioxidants & hence reduce the risk of cancer & is good for your heart.

Lions Tea is produced in a factory which is the first in the island to receive the 3 stars in the Ceylon Tea Quality Management System awarded by Sri Lanka tea board.