Silver Range - Lions Tea Products


This tea has a mellow flavor and a fine taste and aroma. The quality of Lions FBOP1 makes a distinctive variety. The leaves are small, wiry and broken, producing a light taste. This tea is however stronger than BOP1. Unique unmatchable product of Lions Tea.

Silver Range - Lions Tea Products


Attractive, long twisted leaves that produce a medium-bodied, bright copper infusion. A versatile staple that's perfect for all-day drinking with or without milk.

Silver Range - Lions Tea Products

Kandy Tea

Mid country teas grown on plantations at 2000 to 4000 feet above sea level, produce a full bodied tea. Kandy teas produce a bright infusion with a coppery tone. Ideal for those who like their tea strong and bursting with flavor. Best served with milk

Silver Range - Lions Tea Products

Uva Tea

Grown at an elevation between 3000 to 5000 feet above sea level, on the eastern slopes of Sri Lanka's central mountains, the UVA teas have a truly unique flavour with character and exotically aromatic flavor. The distinguished mellow, smooth taste can be either served with milk or on their own.

Silver Range - Lions Tea Products

OP 1

Consist of long wiry and well twisted leaf bringing a light in cup with mellow body and brightness.

Lions Tea is produced in a factory which is the first in the island to receive the 3 stars in the Ceylon Tea Quality Management System awarded by Sri Lanka tea board.