Our CSR Projects

Making a Difference: Our Commitment to the Community

Helping hand for students

As each and every year we started 2023 with pirith ceremony following with the distribution of books for the children of our Lions family.

Medical clinics for the tea growers

We care always…. Beyond boundaries…

Today we conducted the second stage of the medical clinic series and Diabetes prevention awareness program for the green leaf suppliers of the Lions family. Thank you very much for your great service for supplying best quality green leaves for us to make premium quality ceylon tea for the world to taste.

Brought leaf suppliers savings project

Brought leaf suppliers savings project – Each year we give a helping hand to our 2500 plus small tea holders by doing a saving project with them. For each and every green leaf kilo they supply for the whole year we give them an extra saving with the amount they save with us to help them.

Learning programs for tea growers

 Learning programs – We don’t wait until they come, we go to them. With the help of our extention team we go to our tea growers villages and conduct training sessions on developing their tea fields. This time we did over 20 plus training sessions across the valley
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